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Wound Care services offered in Greater Phoenix, Peoria, AZ

Regular, expert treatment is vital when you have an ulcer or slow-healing wound. If you need wound care but have mobility problems that make leaving home challenging, contact Annette Kietur, M.Ed., MSN, FNP-C, WCC, DAPWCA, at Getting Well in Peoria, Arizona. Annette offers a mobile wound care service, visiting patients’ homes to ensure they receive the highest quality treatment. Call the office to learn more about wound care or book an appointment online today.

Getting Well offers consultation visits via phone or internet for those who are not sure what type of provider is best suited for the wound situation. The consultation fee is $30 and should you decide to become a patient with our office, the initial patient fee will be waived. Waiver does not apply to insurance cases.  Consultations can take place outside of normal office hours.

Wound Care Q & A

What is a wound care specialist?

A wound care specialist has completed a certification program in the evaluation and management of acute and chronic wounds. Focus of such training includes extensive education of the anatomy of the skin, phases of wound healing, proper diagnosis, and current best practice of treatment.

Wounds can be painful and unsightly and reduce mobility. They place the patient at risk for infections that may spread into other tissues if not properly treated. Infected wounds can become gangrenous, where tissue death spreads into previously healthy areas. Gangrene may lead to limb amputation in the most severe cases.

At Getting Well, Anette offers expert wound care services. She has been certified in wound care by the National Alliance of Wound Care since 2006.

What is mobile wound care?

Mobile wound care delivers services to patients in their homes. Medicare defines homebound status as being unable to go out unassisted. Leaving home unaided might be impossible for you or takes considerable and taxing effort. Annette specializes in providing mobile wound care to the homebound and those who pay for services out of pocket.

Annette works closely with home health agencies and other providers to provide the best possible patient care.

Sometimes people just want to know if they’re doing everything right or would like to learn more about their options and hear recommendations. Whatever your mobile wound care needs, you can be confident in Annette’s expertise and compassionate care.

What conditions can wound care treat?

Getting Well services include all non-healing wounds, such as:

Venous stasis ulcers

Venous stasis ulcers result from poor vein circulation, which can lead to skin breakdown.

Arterial (ischemic) ulcers

Ischemic ulcers are due to poor circulation in the arteries, typically from peripheral artery disease (PAD).

Pressure injuries

Pressure injuries (decubitus ulcers or bed sores) usually affect areas over bony prominences which experience extensive pressure due to immobility.

Diabetic ulcers

High blood sugar levels in people with diabetes causes nerve damage (diabetic peripheral neuropathy) and poor circulation, which can lead to ulcers.

In many cases, apparent signs of infection are normal symptoms for chronic wounds that are treatable with proper wound care and don’t require antibiotics. Every wound will be assessed for signs and symptoms of infection during every visit to Getting Well, and antibiotics may be recommended if necessary. At times, a recommendation to an infectious disease specialist may be required. 

Call Getting Well to schedule a wound evaluation and treatment or book an appointment online today.