Getting Well

About Annette Kietur, M.Ed., MSN, FNP-C, WCC, DAPWCA

Wound Care Specialist in Greater Phoenix, Peoria, AZ

About Annette Kietur, M.Ed., MSN, FNP-C, WCC, DAPWCA

Annette Kietur, M.Ed., MSN, FNP-C, WCC, DAPWCA, is a family nurse practitioner and the founder of Getting Well in Peoria, Arizona. Annette is dedicated to providing exceptional wound care, collaborating with other physicians and specialists to help patients heal from all types of wounds. She has over 20 years of experience in healthcare, and always strives to deliver the highest level of care for her patients. 

She earned her master’s degrees in nursing and higher education from Kaplan University. After obtaining her degrees, she went on to pursue her family nurse practitioner degree at Purdue University Global. She completed her wound care certification in 2006 with the National Alliance of Wound Care. 

Annette gained specialized training in wound care while working at wound clinics, long-term care facilities, and hospitals around Arizona, Florida, and Massachusetts. At Getting Well, she empowers her patients with knowledge so that they can make the best decisions for their care. Her philosophy centers on individualized, holistic care, which focuses on treating the patient’s whole-person health. 

She works with cardiovascular specialists, primary care providers, nutritionists, physical therapists, endocrinologists, and more, to help patients recover properly from chronic wounds. Annette is committed to improving the quality of life for her patients and works alongside them on their journey to healing.